MAURICEO BROWN - Rap before the execution by the state of Texas

Posted By: dxidxi
Mauriceo Mashawn Brown, 31, was executed July 19, 2006 by the state of Texas


"Dead man walking,
I might look woke up but I'm sleeping,
Dead man walking,
Dead man walking.
Lord please wake me from these miseries …"
— Mauriceo Brown



This is my life, the life i live

caged like a savage animal

as i take my last stand to win …

Foaming at the mouth, the beast within me is released

i know there's no going back

this is where i find my peace…

At the sound of my noan, the battle has begun

i'll fight to the death

and i death, i hope my song will be sung…

Surrounded by hatred, that has effected my soul

as pain and anguish has grown hooks

and taken its hold…

I do my best to shake the weariness out of my bones

and reach deep down within to find my reserve strength

so that i can continue on…

As the battle rages on, it seems that the gates of hell has broken loose

i give off a final mighty roan

a roan, that signifies a Kings salute…

As i fall to the ground blood seeping through my pores

i fought all i could fight

till i could fight no more…

*Note to my readers

there is a meaning behind this poem, behind its words.

And i hope that i will be able to share it with whom ever writes


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