How to make Rosetta Stone as a multipack DVD

Posted By: Helden

How to make Rosetta Stone as a multipack DVD
(or two language levels on CD)

The Rosetta Stone (TRS) language disks basically contain two sets of files held in a large number of directories. These are the "language files" (eg ENG01.. to ENG08.. for English US level I & FRA09.. to FRA19.. for French level II) plus the "image files" (eg PCT01.. to PCT08.. for English US level I & PCT09.. to PCT19.. for French level II).
Additionally there are three "id/config files" (CATMPC.TRS, CDID.TRS & CREDITS.TRS) that identify the disk and its contents for the TRS application.

Now the important bit ! The image files are supplied in one of two formats (JPG files or PCT files depending on what disk you have) and are common across more than one language. More importantly the application/language doesn’t seem to care whether you have the PCT or JPG set (.. and the JPG set is just under half the size of the PCT set).

So . . . by separating out the "language" files from the "image files" and creating new composite "id/config" files (just copy & paste all the info from each language into a new set of files) you can combine multiple languages on to a single CD or DVD.

1.-Make a new single temporary folder e.g. called "My Rosetta Multipack".

2.-Put all the language Lesson you want in it.
i.e. the folders of type
Vietnamese I VIE01..08
Korean Level I KOR01..08

3.- Gotta put the picture folders in as well.
Here is a list of which picture folders go with each language (you must include a correct picture folder for each language you have). If you downloaded the languages from here (or generally as a full package) - you will have the correct picture files anyway.
List of some Languages and corresponding picture folders:
Arabic Level I ARA01..08 PCT01..08
Arabic Level II ARA09..19 PCT09..19
Danish level I DAN01..08 PCT01..08
Chinese Level I CHI01..08 PCA01..08
Dutch Level I NED01..08 PCT01..08
Dutch Level II NED09..19 PCT09..19
English UK Level I EBR01..08 PCT01..08
English US Level I ENG01.. 08 PCT01..08
English US Level II ENG09..19 PCT09..19
French Level I FRA01..08 PCT01..08
French Level II FRA09..19 PCT09..19
Indonesian Level I IND01..08 PCA01..08
Japanese Level I JPN01..08 PCA01..08
Japanese Level II JPN09..19 PCA09..19
Korean Level I KOR01..08 PCA01..08
Latin Level I LAT01..08 PCN01..08
German Level I DEU01..08 PCT01..08
German Level II DEU09..19 PCT09..19
Italian Level I ITA01..08 PC201..208
Italian Level II ITA09..19 PCT09..19
Russian Level I RUS01..08 PCT01..08
Russian Level II RUS09..09 PCT09..19
Spanish Level I ESP01..08 PCT01..08
Spanish Level II ESP09..19 PCT09..19
Welsh Level I CYM01..08 PCT01..08
Vietnamese I VIE01..08 PCA01..08
The list shows that (as you may have guessed) a lot of the courses use the same picture files. The pictures in the folders themselves can be PCT format or JPEG - the program doesn't care which type is in the folder. (Hint JPEG will be smaller!). You will only need to use the JPG distribution of the pictures if you reall want to squeeze as many languages on to a DVD as possible.

4.-You've got to sort the configuration files.
There are three other files you need to copy into the new folder, and they are important.
CDID.TRS - this one tells the program which languages are installed.
CATMPC.TRS -this one tells the program which lessons are installed.
Credits.trs - the credits file contains the text that rolls by when you run the program.
For each language you want to include in your multipack you must paste the text from each CDID.TRS and CATMPC.TRS into your new composite CDID.TRS and CATMPC.TRS files, (Chosee one and copy/paste the information of the others).
You can open it with a text editor, e.g. "MFC WORD PAD"

5.- And finally…
Burn the content of the temporary folder to a CD/DVD.
Make an ISO of the content you new folder. Mount it and run Rosetta and check that all the languages you included are recognized by your Rosetta Stone Application. when you are satisfied all is working OK...Burn it!

Thanks to Demonoid, ProjectW & HeadCase...