Sites to Upload

Posted By: wozz
Here's some sites to upload and some features maybe with could get some feedback on it and share more.

Thanks to Skele/zor
Thanks to Cytek/ Cybabe Team
-30 days, 50 mb limit all files allowed
-250 mb limit, all files allowed, 7 days or 250 downloads
-500 mb limit 30 days after the file is not being downloaded anymore
-File Types: All file types except for .php,mp3
-Max Size per File: 30.00 MB, files stored for ??
-Accepted Files : .wmv .avi .mpg .mov .swf .asx .jpg .gif .png .pdf file -storage 4 ever. 10 mb max
-50 mb limit. all files allowed
-30 mb max. register 4 free.
-no file size limit. all files allowed. max 3 downloads. register 4 free
-Space: 100Mb limit: 7 day
-Space: 1Gb, download can resume, specail download manager limit: 25 -download or 7 days
-100mb limiit, there is a 7 day download limit like some of the others but -you can have 250 dls before link is done, if people
-keep the files for 14 days. 25mb file size limit.
-Space: 10Mb limits: Only images and video
-Space: 20Mb limits: bandwidht limit, password protect, russian
-Space: 50Mb limits: bandwidht limit, password protect, russian site
-no Traffic- or Downloadlimit After Upload, you'll get an URL. This URL you -can Post as an Downloadlink or something else. Your file will be deleted, -if after 30 days there where no download action detected
- 28,6MB file limit, no bandwidht limit, file removed if not downloaded for 30 days
-30 mb max
-(250 GB limit)
max, 5mb per file, 90days, "unlimited" bandwith
Maximum allowed file size is 200000 KB
Resume supported
Download accelerator supported with simulataneous connections (parts)
Only for videos...
to use register for free