Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets (repost)

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Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets (repost)

Michael W. Covel, "Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions in Up or Down Markets"
2009 | ISBN: 013702018X, 0135094399 | 464 pages | PDF | 5 MB

The Investment Strategy That Keeps on Making Money While Everyone Else Is Losing It:
How Trend Followers Made a Fortune During the 2008 Stock Market Crash
Did your buy and hold investments survive the crash of 2008? While many were getting hammered, trend followers were earning profits ranging all the way up to +40% for the month of October 2008 alone!

Now, the #1 guide to trend following has been thoroughly updated to reflect 2008’s cataclysmic events. Michael W. Covel reveals exactly how the trend followers achieved those amazing results. Using simple, up-to-the-minute charts from top traders, he doesn’t just prove this strategy works: He shows why only a technical system based on following price trends can win over the long term.

Best of all, he shows you exactly how to apply the same strategies in your own portfolio–so you, too, can keep on profiting no matter what happens next!

“Michael Covel’s Trend Following: Essential.”
–Ed Seykota, trend follower for 35 years and original Market Wizard

“A mandatory reference for anyone serious about alternative investments.”
–Jon Sundt, president and CEO, Altergris

“Michael Covel does an excellent job of educating his readers about the little-known opportunities available to them through one of the proven best hedge fund strategies. This book is like gold to any smart investor.”
–Christian Baha, founder and owner, Superfund

“Covel has created a very rare thing–a well documented and thoroughly researched book on trend following that is also well written and easy to read. This is one book that traders at all levels will find of real value.”
–John Mauldin, Thoughts from the Frontline