Globalization: The Essentials (Repost)

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Globalization: The Essentials (Repost)

George Ritzer, "Globalization: The Essentials"
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0470655615, 0470655607 | 368 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Essentials of Globalization is a highly useful compact edition of the author's full-scale textbook, Globalization: A Basic Text. The Essentials is written in a style accessible to undergraduates, and draws on both academic and popular sources in its explanations.
A highly useful compact version of Globalization: A Basic Text, which contains the all major areas in an accessible and affordable format for undergraduate students
Develops a unique perspective on globalization early in the book and uses it throughout to orient and organize discussion of a wide range of topics and parts of the world
Integrated use of a wide array of sources, including empirical research, theories, newspaper and magazine articles, monographs, and popular books
Designed to work as a basic text in globalization courses, or as a supplementary text in courses that include globalization as one of several topics