Internal Control: A Manager's Journey

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Internal Control: A Manager's Journey

K. H. Spencer Pickett "Internal Control: A Manager's Journey"
Wiley | 2001-04-25 | ISBN: 0471402508 | 384 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

An entertaining introduction to a very serious and complex issue
Internal control is no longer the exclusive domain of highly trained accountants on the internal auditing staff. Corporate boards, CEOs, and employees at virtually every level are now seen as responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring these controls; few, however, have the training and background needed to fulfill this complex responsibility.
Through the entertaining story of a manager's visit to the Caribbean, Internal Control: A Manager's Journey illustrates how control can be managed throughout an organization. In each chapter, Operations Manager Bill Reynolds learns the key concepts and techniques of internal control and discovers how to design, document, install, and monitor an innovative, efficient internal control policy. He discovers that effective internal control is based on risk assessment and should encourage innovation. He also learns important techniques for preventing, detecting, and correcting fraud.
This unconventional, extraordinarily useful guide is peppered with practical examples and workable solutions that can be used to institute improved control and accountability in any company of any size. It's the ultimate resource for CEOs, CFOs, operations managers, and anyone involved in the design, implementation, review, or reporting of internal controls.

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