Essentials of Materials for Science and Engineering

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Essentials of Materials for Science and Engineering

Donald R. Askeland, Pradeep P. Phule, "Essentials of Materials for Science and Engineering"
English | 2004-04-02 | ISBN: 0534253091 | 586 pages | PDF | 69.2 mb

Designed for a one-semester introduction to materials science and engineering course, this text provides students with a solid understanding of the relationship between structure, processing, and properties of materials. Authors Donald Askeland and Pradeep Phule teach the fundamental concepts of atomic structure and materials behaviors and clearly link them to the "materials" issues that students will have to deal with when they enter industry or graduate school (e.g. design of structures, selection of materials, or materials failures). While presenting fundamental concepts and linking them to practical applications, the authors emphasize the necessary basics without overwhelming the students with too much of the underlying chemistry or physics. The book covers fundamentals in an integrated approach that emphasizes applications of new technologies that engineered materials enable. New and interdisciplinary developments in materials field such as nanomaterials, smart materials, micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) systems, and biomaterials are also discussed.