Architecture, Technology and Process (repost)

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Architecture, Technology and Process (repost)

Chris Abel - Architecture, Technology and Process
2004-10-11 | ISBN: 0750637927 | PDF | 268 pages | 12.93 MB

This new selection of essays follows Chris Abel's previous best selling collection, Architecture and Identity. Drawing upon a wide range of knowledge and disciplines, the author argues that, underlying technological changes in the process of architectural production are fundamental changes in the way we think about machines and the world we live in.

Key topics include: new patterns of urbanism in the fast growing cities of asia pacific; metaphorical extensions of mind and body in cyberspace; the divergent European and North American values shaping Sir Norman Foster's and Frank Gehry's work, and the collaborative work methods and technologies creating the adaptable design pratices of today.
* Provides a unique perspective on new developments in architecture and urban design in Asia Pacific and many other parts of the world
* Includes valuable insights into the innovation process
* Shows how biological and cybernetic approaches are reshaping concepts and methods of architectural design and production