Maya Civilization (World History) (repost)

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Maya Civilization (World History) (repost)

Maya Civilization (World History) By Charles George, Linda George
2010 | 96 Pages | ISBN: 1420502409 | PDF | 10 MB

The introduction to this fine series asks the same question that many students ask: Why do we have to learn about history? It's even honest when it says that most young people aren't satisfied with the usual answer about learning lessons from the past. A more engaging idea is that history is about stories, and here the series shines as it provides contemporaneous writing as well as work by scholars that offer plenty of drama and lots of facts, too.

The mysteries described in Maya Civilization are manifold, but because of intensive research into the Maya culture, the puzzle pieces are now falling into place. The series provides a solid time line, plenty of photographs, sourced quotes, and a list of books and websites for further investigation. Excellent for reports and research. Grades 7-10.