ice - mark kane mysteries - book two

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ice - mark kane mysteries - book two

Ice: Book Two: Volume 2 (Mark Kane Mysteries) by Mr John Hemmings
English | 18 Oct. 2016 | ISBN: 1539322882 | 226 Pages | MOBI | 2.49 MB

Jenny Garcia has returned to Boston from a vacation overseas little knowing that her suitcase contained a valuable haul of illicit drugs hidden inside. When the bag is stolen from her at the airport Boston investigator Mark Kane is given the difficult job of retrieving the suitcase and finding out who is responsible for putting Jenny in such terrible danger. But when the two men who could have provided the answers are found dead Kane has his work cut out for him. As Lucy stumbles upon a vital piece of evidence the case suddenly takes a new turn. Has Kane been looking in all the wrong places? And when a kidnapping puts the whole investigation on a different footing he needs to call on all his experience and cunning to save the victim from harm and bring the culprits to justice.