Large-scale Production of Paper-based Li-ion Cells

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Large-scale Production of Paper-based Li-ion Cells

Lorenzo Zolin, "Large-scale Production of Paper-based Li-ion Cells"
English | ISBN: 3319390155 | 2017 | 115 pages | PDF | 4 MB

This book describes in detail the use of natural cellulose fibers for the production of innovative, low-cost, and easily recyclable lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells by means of fast and reliable papermaking procedures that employ water as a solvent. In addition, it proposes specific methods to optimize the safety features of these paper-based cells and to improve the electronic conductivity of the electrodes by means of a carbonization process– an interesting novel technology that enables higher current rate capabilities to be achieved. The in-depth descriptions of materials, methods, and techniques are complemented by the inclusion of a general overview of electrochemical devices and, in particular, of different Li-ion battery configurations. Presenting the outcomes of this important research, the work is of wide interest to electrochemical engineers in both research institutions and industry.