On the Nature of Distributed Organizing

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On the Nature of Distributed Organizing

Dominik Böhler, "On the Nature of Distributed Organizing"
English | 2014 | ISBN: 3658061227 | PDF | pages: 256 | 11.4 mb

In a networked world which is characterized by interactive value creation, traditional organizational boundaries loose importance in favor of processes of distributed organizing. Therefore, thinking about and designing organizations requires going beyond designing hierarchical structures and processes ex-ante, but creating systems allowing for finding adaptive solutions ex-post. This book combines two perspectives: organizing and information technology. On the one hand, it offers deep theoretical insight into the processes of organizing for future organizations and distributed value creation of individuals. On the other hand, it offers applicable technical know-how for the design of information systems to support distributed organizing. Here, managers and organizations embracing complexity find profound understanding and suitable ways for implementing distributed organizing.