Ultra Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding (Repost)

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Ultra Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding (Repost)

Ultra Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding By V. Ramasubramanian, Harish Doddala
2015 | 156 Pages | ISBN: 1493913409 | PDF | 4 MB

"Ultra Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding" focuses on the specialized topic of speech coding at very low bit-rates of 1 Kbits/sec and less, particularly at the lower ends of this range, down to 100 bps. The authors set forth the fundamental results and trends that form the basis for such ultra low bit-rates to be viable and provide a comprehensive overview of various techniques and systems in literature to date, with particular attention to their work in the paradigm of unit-selection based segment quantization. The book is for research students, academic faculty and researchers, and industry practitioners in the areas of speech processing and speech coding.