Modeling Complex Data for Creating Information

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Modeling Complex Data for Creating Information

Modeling Complex Data for Creating Information By Christophe Roche (auth.), Professor Dr. Jacques-Emile Dubois, Dr. Nahum Gershon (eds.)
1996 | 277 Pages | ISBN: 364280201X | PDF | 12 MB

J.-E DUBOIS and N. GERSHON As with Volume 1 in this series, this book was inspired by the Symposium on "Communications and Computer Aided Systems" held at the 14th International CODATA Conference in September 1994 in Chambery, France. This book was conceived and influenced by the discussions at the Symposium and most of the contributions were written following the Conference. Whereas the first volume dealt with the numerous challenges facing the information revolution, especially its communication aspects, this one provides an insight into the recent tools provided by computer science for handling the complex aspects of scientific and technological data. This volume, "Modeling Complex Data for Creating Information," is concerned with real and virtual objects often involved with data handling processes encountered frequently in modeling physical phenomena and systems behavior. Topics concerning modeling complex data for creating information include: • Object oriented approach for structuring data and knowledge • Imprecision and uncertainty in information systems • Fractal modeling and shape and surface processing • Symmetry applications for molecular data The choice of these topics reflects recent developments in information systems technologies. One example is object oriented technology. Recently, research, development and applications have been using object-oriented modeling for computer handling of data and data management. Object oriented technology offers increasingly easy-to-use software applications and operating systems. As a result, science and technology research and applications can now provide more flexible and effective services.