Wastewater Treatment with Algae

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Wastewater Treatment with Algae

Wastewater Treatment with Algae By Peter K. Robinson (auth.), Yuk-Shan Wong, Nora F. Y. Tam (eds.)
1998 | 234 Pages | ISBN: 3662108658 | PDF | 28 MB

This book brings together environmental scientists and engineers to discuss the development of new approaches and methodologies which utilize microalgae for biological wastewater treatment. The researchers report their recent findings on microalgal removal of nutrients, heavy metals and other organic pollutants from sewage and industrial effluents. The technologies discussed here include biosorption and bioaccumulation of heavy metals, cell immobilization of algae, and mathematical modelling of metal uptake by cells. This book is unique in that it takes a practical approach to the subject matter and is a useful reference both in and outside of the laboratory.