Real Analysis on Intervals

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Real Analysis on Intervals

A. D. R. Choudary, Constantin P. Niculescu, "Real Analysis on Intervals"
English | 2014 | ISBN: 8132221478 | 540 pages | EPUB | 7 MB

The book targets undergraduate and postgraduate mathematics students and helps them develop a deep understanding of mathematical analysis. Designed as a first course in real analysis, it helps students learn how abstract mathematical analysis solves mathematical problems that relate to the real world. As well as providing a valuable source of inspiration for contemporary research in mathematics, the book helps students read, understand and construct mathematical proofs, develop their problem-solving abilities and comprehend the importance and frontiers of computer facilities and much more. It offers comprehensive material for both seminars and independent study for readers with a basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra. The first nine chapters followed by the appendix on the Stieltjes integral are recommended for graduate students studying probability and statistics, while the first eight chapters followed by the appendix on dynamical systems will be of use to students of biology and environmental sciences. Chapter 10 and the appendixes are of interest to those pursuing further studies at specialized advanced levels. Exercises at the end of each section, as well as commentaries at the end of each chapter, further aid readers’ understanding. The ultimate goal of the book is to raise awareness of the fine architecture of analysis and its relationship with the other fields of mathematics.