Hyena Nights and Kalahari Days

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Hyena Nights and Kalahari Days

Hyena Nights and Kalahari Days by Gus Mills
English | 1 Apr. 2010 | ASIN: B00E0HF9MS | 258 Pages | AZW3 | 2.68 MB

Gus and Margie Mills, newly married, trekked to the Kalahari to spend two years studying the little-known brown hyena. They were so enchanted by these captivating animals that they ended up stayed for 12 years and uncovering a treasure trove of facts about the lives of both brown and spotted hyenas. Their studies allowed them to get to know the hyena clans and their hierarchies intimately and became privy to events which only a handful of people have ever had the privilege to witness. By studying the complex relationship between these predators and their prey they have been able to separate the myths from the reality. In so doing, they have uncovered the significance of hyena behaviour within the larger sphere of the Kalahari ecosystem. The greatest risk to hyenas has always been the Kalahari land-owners and wildlife managers. The Mills’ research has vastly improved this often tenuous relationship, allowing man and carnivore to more peacefully co-exist.