James Eade - Chess for Dummies

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James Eade - Chess for Dummies

James Eade - Chess for Dummies
For Dummies | ISBN: 978 0764584046 | 02/09/2005 | English | 384 pages | PDF | 12 MB

Proven tactical tips to strengthen your game

Your quick and easy guide to the rules, strategies, and etiquette of chess

Kings, queens, knights - does chess seem like a royal pain to grasp? This friendly guide helps you make the right moves. From using the correct terms to engaging in the art of attack, you'll get step-by-step explanations that demystify the game. You'll also find updated information on tournaments and top players, as well as computer chess games and playing chess online!

Discover how to:
  • Set up your chessboard
  • Understand the pieces and their powers
  • Recognize the game's patterns
  • Decipher chess notation
  • Employ tactics to gain an advantage
  • Find tournaments and clubs

A good "first chess book"
This is a great book for beginners. It explains the rules, basic strategy, how to play openings, explains the different stages of play (opening, midgame, endgame), and annotates some famous chess games. You will quickly outgrow this book however, because it does not go in-depth in any one topic. It's a good foundation though. I don't understand how the other reviewers who gave it a one-star rating were so confused by this book. If you get lost in reading "Chess for Dummies", playing chess may not be the best endeavor for you.

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