Mindset: Simple Strategies To Transform Your Mindset, Improve Your Habits And Change Your Life

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Mindset: Simple Strategies To Transform Your Mindset, Improve Your Habits And Change Your Life

Mindset: Simple Strategies To Transform Your Mindset, Improve Your Habits And Change Your Life by Elizabeth Tucker
English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08FMVZH9T | 57 pages | MOBI | 0.20 Mb

If you have come as far as opening the page that contains this introduction, you may need my help. Chances are that you feel pretty sorry for yourself and feel that life is treating you in an unfair manner. There are so many victims in life. A victim is someone whose world is turned upside down by circumstance. However, there are set ways that you can stop being a victim. What you may not have realized by now is that the mind is a very powerful thing. It can determine whether you remain a victim or whether you get beyond it and see yourself in terms that are easier to live with. Victims are those people who see their life in monochrome. They don’t see the full colors of the picture. There is a level of blame toward life and toward other people, and victims are unlikely to see their lot in life any other way. The more they continue to play the victim, however, the deeper they get in that uncomfortable place.

This book covers:
· Why You Should Change Your Mindset
· Importance Of A Positive Mindset
· Improve Your Attitude
· Stay Focused
· Goal Setting
· Live A Happier Life
· Boosting Your Productivity
· Setting A Routine
· Time Management And Why Is It Important……..AND MORE!!!

You have a choice. When I worked with people after the Haiti disaster, one may have thought that people who had lost their homes and half of their families may feel like victims of circumstance. I was shocked by just how much strength many of these people had and studied their approach to life in order to come up with some kind of solid explanation to help people to avoid becoming victims. What I saw was amazingly simple, and yet people in all walks of life who live in relatively comfortable backgrounds are prepared to make their own lives miserable by allowing themselves to become victims. You may think I used the word “allow” in a thoughtless manner, although it was in fact very intentional. People who are victims do allow themselves to remain victims if that is their choice. You may not see being a victim as a choice that anyone would choose to make, although you may be surprised at how many people use this as an excuse to avoid self-realization. They are a little bit afraid of stepping off that platform and trusting life. The problem is that when you lose trust, you also lose a part of who you are and your reactions to different circumstances will change as a result of that circumstance. Does it have to? That’s the part that many people don’t understand. Remaining in “victim” mode is a choice.

This book is written in order to help people in what they see as dire circumstances, to go beyond those circumstances and make a positive choice between remaining a victim and walking away from allowing that to happen. Those ladies I met in Haiti had a very valuable lesson for me, and I knew as soon as I saw it in practice that readers would really be able to gain an insight into making the right choices. Whether you have been betrayed by a lover, let down by your parents and friends, or simply feel no trust in life – this book applies to you. Walk forward in the knowledge that you can. Learn a new way of thinking and in the process, begin to see yourself as the valuable human being that you are.