Tiger Tanks

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Tiger Tanks

Michael Green - Tiger Tanks
Motorbooks International (MBI) | 1995 | ISBN: 0879389540 | 128 pages | PDF | 54.45 MB

More than any other tank of WWII, the German Tiger tank instilled fear in the hearts of Allied soldiers when it entered a battlefield. With almost inpenetrable armor and a highly accurate 88mm main gun, they earned the respect they were rightly given. With a combat weight of over sixty tons, these tanks were among the most massive in the war, easily able to destroy any Allied tanks they encountered. This book will take an inside look at the brute force design of the TigerI tank, built with the largest pieces of plate armor that could be made. Learn first-hand how this formidable weapon was used in battle from the German soldiers that fought in them and the Allied soldiers that fought against them. Then climb on board the TigerII, the best-armed and best-protected tank Of the WWII. See what it is like to ride into battle with a German crew and hunt the Allied tanks such as the American Shermans and Soviet T-34s.