"Ultrasound Imaging" ed. by Masayuki Tanabe

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"Ultrasound Imaging" ed. by Masayuki Tanabe

"Ultrasound Imaging" ed. by Masayuki Tanabe
InTeOpP | 2011 | ISBN: 9533072393 9789533072395 | 219 pages | PDF | 52 MB

In this book authors present a dozen state of the art developments for ultrasound imaging, for example, hardware implementation, transducer, beamforming, signal processing, measurement of elasticity and diagnosis.

1 Hardware-Software Partitioning of Digital Signal Processing in Ultrasound Medical Devices a Case Study
2 Design of Curvilinear Array Apertures for 3D Ultrasonic Imaging
3 Synthetic Aperture Method in Ultrasound Imaging
4 Adaptive Beamforming by Phase Coherence Processing
5 Real-Time Speckle and Impulsive Noise Suppression in 3-D Ultrasound Imaging
6 Tissue Harmonic Imaging with Coded Excitation
7 Ultrasonic Measurement and Imaging with Lateral Modulation - Echo, Tissue Motion and Elasticity
8 High Resolution Ultrasound Imaging of Melanocytic and Other Pigmented Lesions of the Skin
9 Clinical Usefulness of Contrast-Enhanced Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Imaging with Sonazoid for Hepatic Tumor Lesions
10 Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography and Carotid Plaque Imaging: from the Hemodynamic Evaluation to the Detection of Neoangiogenesis - The New Approach to the Identification of the Unstable Plaque: from Morphology to Patophysiology
11 Ultrasound Imaging for Pediatric Anesthesia: A Review
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