Essentials of Investments; by Bodie, Kane & Marcus; 5th Edition

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Хочу поделиться с подрастающим поколением отличными книгами по финансам издательства McGraw-Hill Higher Education, написанными простым английским языком.
Это небольшого размера векторные PDF отличного качества, не спрашивайте, как они ко мне попали из того издательства. Начнем потихоньку двигаться от простого к сложному, дабы у прочитавшего все это сложилась целостная картина как и куда можно в этом мире потратить (вложить) свои (и не только) деньги.

Essentials of Investments
by Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. Marcus
Fifth Edition, 774 pages, ISBN: 0-07-251077-3

Book Description
The market leading Essentials of Investments, 5th edition by Bodie, Kane and Marcus is an undergraduate textbook on investment analysis, presenting the practical applications of investment theory to convey insights of practical value. The authors have eliminated unnecessary mathematical detail and concentrate on the intuition and insights that will be useful to practitioners throughout their careers as new ideas and challenges emerge from the financial marketplace. Essentials maintains the theme of asset allocation (authors discuss asset pricing and trading then apply these theories to portfolio planning in real-world securities markets that are governed by risk/return relationships). Essentials continues to develop modern topics. The major objective in this revision is to maintain the current level in content and coverage, with greater emphasis on the Internet and global issues, and to improve the text's accessibility by enhancing presentation, pedagogy, and design.

This сlearly written book with excellent visual aids is widely used in many universities for an introductory course in Investment management. I especially liked the concept checks and the current events boxes. The sample questions from CFA exams were particularly helpful.

Table of Contents

Part ONE
Elements of Investments

1 Investments: Background and Issues
2 Financial Instruments
3 How Securities Are Traded
4 Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies

Part TWO
Portfolio Theory

5 Risk and Return: Past and Prologue
6 Efficient Diversification
7 Capital Asset Pricing and Arbitrage Pricing Theory
8 The Efficient Market Hypothesis

Debt Securities

9 Bond Prices and Yields
10 Managing Bond Portfolios

Security Analysis

11 Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis
12 Equity Valuation
13 Financial Statement Analysis

Derivative Markets

14 Options Markets
15 Option Valuation
16 Futures Markets

Part SIX
Active Investment Management

17 Investors and the Investment Process
18 Taxes, Inflation, and Investment Strategy
19 Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis
20 Performance Evaluation and Active Portfolio Management
21 International Investing