Derek C. Ashmore, «The J2EE Architect's Handbook»

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Derek C. Ashmore, «The J2EE Architect's Handbook»

Derek C. Ashmore, «The J2EE Architect's Handbook»
DVT Press | ISBN 0972954899 | 2004 Year | CHM | 3,14 Mb | 288 Pages

This handbook is a concise guide to architecting, designing, and building J2EE applications. It guides technical architects through the entire J2EE project, including identifying business requirements, performing use-case analysis, doing object and data modeling, and leading a development team through construction. Whether you are about to architect your first J2EE application or are looking for ways to keep your projects on-time and on-budget, you will refer to this handbook again and again.

You will discover how to:

Design robust, extensible, and easy to maintain J2EE applications.
Apply commonly used design patterns effectively.
Identify and address application architecture issues before they hinder the development team.
Avoid common mistakes that derail project budgets and timelines.
Guide the development team through the design and construction process.
Set up effective procedures and guidelines that increase stability and decrease error reports.
Document and communicate the application design to target the development team’s work.
Identify and address application architectural.
Effectively estimate needed resources and timelines.

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