Adam Young, Moti Yung, «Malicious Cryptography: Exposing Cryptovirology»

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Adam Young, Moti Yung, «Malicious Cryptography: Exposing Cryptovirology»
Wiley | ISBN 0764549758 | 2004 Year | PDF | 2,46 Mb | 416 Pages

Tomorrow's hackers may ransack the cryptographer's toolkit for their own nefarious needs. From this chilling perspective, the authors make a solid scientific contribution, and tell a good story too." -Matthew Franklin, PhD Program Chair, Crypto 2004 WHAT IF HACKERS CONTROL THE WEAPONS USED TO FIGHT THEM? Hackers have unleashed the dark side of cryptography-that device developed to defeat Trojan horses, viruses, password theft, and other cybercrime. It's called cryptovirology, the art of turning the very methods designed to protect your data into a means of subverting it. In this fascinating, disturbing volume, the experts who first identified cryptovirology show you exactly what you're up against and how to fight back. They will take you inside the brilliant and devious mind of a hacker-as much an addict as the vacant-eyed denizen of the crackhouse-so you can feel the rush and recognize your opponent's power. Then, they will arm you for the counterattack. Cryptovirology seems like a futuristic fantasy, but be assured, the threat is ominous ly real. If you want to protect your data, your identity, and yourself, vigilance is essential-now. Understand the mechanics of computationally secure information stealing Learn how non-zero sum Game Theory is used to develop survivable malware Discover how hackers use public key cryptography to mount extortion attacks Recognize and combat the danger of kleptographic attacks on smart-card devices Build a strong arsenal against a cryptovirology attack


Adam Young, Moti Yung, «Malicious Cryptography: Exposing Cryptovirology»
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