10x Typing with Colemak

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10x Typing with Colemak

10x Typing with Colemak
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Learn touch typing, increase your productivity, and switch to the most comfortable and ergonomic keyboard layout

This course will teach you how to touch type with the Colemak keyboard layout, but not the way you think. Rather than show you what to learn, it will ingrain in you how to learn. You will not get key-by-key instructions — there are plenty of free apps that do that. Instead, you will get the fastest route to learning and improving.

Why touch type? Because you want to think of words and have your hands instantly convert them to text on the screen. Without thinking about the keys, without looking away from the screen – without any of those distractions. Just instinctive, automatic action. Typing at the speed of thought. Just what you need for taking lecture notes, recording meeting minutes, and writing in flow.

OK, so why Colemak? Because it's the most comfortable keyboard layout, period. Among the primary layouts, Colemak has the least finger travel, which means Colemak requires the least effort.

By the end of this course, you'll have learned the position of the keys in the Colemak layout, and you'll know exactly what to do to keep getting faster and more accurate. Expect to hit 30 WPM within days, with increasing speed and accuracy week over week.

First, who is this course not for?

If any of these sound like you, DO NOT buy this course.

You can touch type with QWERTY or another keyboard layout. Learning a different layout is a significant time investment, and the return may not be worth it for you. Your call, of course.
You switch computers or terminals frequently, or will do so in the future. Unless you have control over all your computing devices, you will find yourself switching between layouts, which you may find frustrating.
You use the vim editor. Most of the commands are in different positions, including the movement commands (HJKL) and the colon (:). This will handicap you, unless you relearn the new positions or change your command mappings.
OK, so who is this course for?

If any of these sound like you, buy this course.

You type a lot ==> you want to save time by typing faster.
You make mistakes when you type ==> you want to save time by typing accurately.
You look at the keyboard when you type ==> you want to maintain an ergonomic posture by keeping your eyes on the screen instead of looking down at your keyboard.
You hunt for keys when you type ==> you want to type at the speed of thought by hitting the keys instinctively.
You suffer from cramps, repetitive strain injury, or carpal tunnel syndrome ==> you want to type ergonomically by reducing finger travel awkward key sequences.
What is the course format?

The course consists of three phases:

Preparing to Learn
Learning the Layout
Continuously Improving
In phase one, you'll prepare to switch to the Colemak layout. In phase two, you'll learn the position of the keys. Those are the easy parts.

Phase three is where the magic happens. You'll learn how to practice with purpose, which is the key to your ongoing success. Follow the principles, put in the practice, and you'll quickly improve.

10x Typing with Colemak