Practical Handbook for Private Investigators

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Rory J. McMahon, "Practical Handbook for Private Investigators", CRC Press | 2001 Year | ISBN: 0849302900 | PDF | ~1 Mb | 312 Pages

Since the trial of O.J. Simpson, the "profession" of private investigation has risen to a new level of respect among both the legal community and the public at large because the success of O.J.'s " Dream Team" was largely a result of the brilliant work done by defense investigators. Private investigators are often called upon to provide information for cases that are not criminal or when regular law enforcement cannot fit a more in-depth investigation into its criminal caseload. Investigators are called upon to conduct surveillance, asset searches, and background checks on individuals and corporations. While most books on private investigation tackle specific field-related topics, Practical Handbook for Private Investigators provides the first comprehensive coverage. Rory McMahon, a recognized leader in the industry, clears up many misconceptions about the world of private investigation as he guides experienced private investigators, as well as those wishing to enter the field. This practical handbook is a compendium of the work performed, with descriptions of the various types of investigations, case studies, and practical tips. Besides showing you how to conduct every kind of investigation, the book also offers advice on how to testify, how to set up practice, and how to get licensed.