Victor - Adams & Victor's Principles Of Neurology 7th ed

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* Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 7 edition (December 19, 2000)
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* ISBN: 0070674973
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This is a very comprehensive book on the subject of neurology. Unfortunately, I was only interested in about 25% of the book's contents---those dealing with mental illness. Maybe I should have bought Neurology for Psychiatrists, but that book is smaller, so this one probably has almost as much psychiatric information anyway. Unlike many of the other reviewers, I actually LIKE the amount of detail in this book, although since I don't have an M.D. or a Ph.D. I could not understand all of it. I did also notice from the other reviews that there is a demand for a for user-friendly book dealing with Neurology, that parents can read to help understand their child's neurological deficits. Well, I have the solution! My book, The Failures of American Medicine (available at Amazon for [price]), contains five chapters on mental illness, and is both technical and relatively easy to read.