Ross, Westerfield, Jaffe - Corporate Finance 7th ed. Solution Manual+extras

Posted By: gromoboi
Respect to all visitors of this wonderful site! Just found some corporate finance stuff, which is, I think, quite hard to stumble by on the wild prairies of the Net.

Ross, Westerfield, Jaffe, "Solutions Manual to accompany Corporate Finance"
McGraw-Hill/Irwin 7th ed | ISBN 0072338849 | 2001(2005) Year | DOC (RARed) | 12 MB |

Corporate Finance is today’s most authoritative book on? and covers every angle of?corporate finance. Updates to this edition include a more user-friendly approach, new or updated cases that illustrate top companies addressing real world situations, topical articles written by scholars and practitioners, and more..

And these are the instructor resources for this book, including: Instructor's manual and teaching notes, solution manual, powerpoint slides of the lectures and Excel template solutions. The latter 2 are available on the cd with the book but the first ones are, it seems, quite hard to find.

Well, enjoy, it's my first post and if someone has something similar dealing with business, finance, mgmt or economics, please don't hesitate to put it up. Spread the wealth of knowledge :D

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