The Transform and Data Compression Handbook

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Title: The Transform and Data Compression Handbook
Author(s): Rao, Kamisetty Ramamohan, Yip, Pat
Publisher: CRC Press
Edition Description: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Series: Electrical Engineering and Applied Signal Processing
Series Volume: 108-409
Publication Date: September 2000
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Illustrations: Yes
Pages: 387
ISBN: 0849336929


Transforms and Data Compression Handbook presents issues that are fundamental to communications, image processing, image and data storage, and the medical field. By illustrating the link between the transformation of data and efficient compression, using the basic theory of transforms and real compression applications, the editors create a much-needed handbook for a wide range of engineers and students.

Using data compression as a common theme to unify the chapters into a single account, computer engineers from Europe and North America explore different discrete transforms and their ever-expanding applications in the general area of signal processing. They cover the Karhunen-Love, the discrete Fourier, comparametric, discrete cosine and sine, and lapped transforms and wavelet-based image and fractal-based image and video compression and the compression of wavelet transform coefficients. The material should interest researchers and engineers in any field that requires data compression.

Table of Contents

- Karhunen-LoƔeve Transform
- The discrete Fourier transform
- Comparametric transforms for transmitting Eye Tap video with Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)
- Discrete cosine and sine transforms
- Lapped transforms for image compression
- Wavelet-based image compression
- Fractal-based image and video compression
- Compression of wavelet transform coefficients.

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