Big Money Deluxe v1.11

Posted By: Alexpal
Эта игра - чистой воды спинномозговик, простенькая, но затягивает страшно! Посмотрев на часы и увидев, что прошло два часа, я ее снес к чертовой матери - иначе никаких дел не сделаешь. Так что, я бы написал "Alexpal recomended", но мне жалко вашего времени и мышек. Если не страшно, то скачивайте, но смотрите: я предупредил!

Big Money Deluxe v1.11 | 7,75 Mb

The goal of Big Money is to become rich by collecting as many coins and money bags as you can!

There are three game types, Action, Strategy, and Puzzle, and the specifics of how to play depend on which game you choose.

After the game loads, you will see a screen allowing you to choose Action, Strategy, or Puzzle Mode. You can also set your Skill Level to Easy, Normal, or Hard on this screen. Choose a game mode and difficulty level to get started!

This is the "classic" mode of Big Money. In Action mode, everything happens in real time, so you'll need to be quick on your toes (and your mouse finger!) to keep up!

To pass each level, you need to collect a certain number of money bags. The number of bags needed is shown on the left hand side of the screen. As you collect them, the dark bag-shaped slots will be filled in. When you've collected the necessary number, you'll proceed to the next level!

As you play, you'll see new coins being minted at the bottom of the screen continually. If the coins ever reach the top of the screen, you'll get a warning and a 3-second countdown, and then your game will end!

To remove coins from the screen, you just have to click on groups of 3 or more adjacent coins of the same color. They'll disappear from the screen, earning you points... the more you eliminate at once, the better your score will do.

Grabbing coins will also cause the Money Meter on the right to rise. Be careful, the level will fall if you don't keep grabbing coins! When the Money Meter hits the top, a Money Bag will drop from above!

To collect a moneybag, you have to remove the coin it's sitting on. Sometimes this will be easy, if there are already 3 or more coins of the same color under the bag. Other times it will be more difficult, and you'll need to work at other areas of the board before you can access the money bag.

Occasionally, you may see a spinning Dollar Bomb appear. If you remove the bag under a Dollar Bomb, it'll detonate, blowing up all coins of that color onscreen. Use this bonus wisely!

You can pause an Action game at any time by pressing the SPACE BAR, and start it up again by clicking on the screen.

Strategy mode is very similar to Action, except that you can proceed at your own pace. Coins do not automatically appear... they rise up only after you make a move, by eliminating a group of coins onscreen.

You can go as fast or as slow as you want, but eventually you'll have to be careful what coins you grab. As the coin level rises more with each move, you'll need to optimize your moves to collect the most coins with each possible move.
Other than the pace, Strategy mode plays identically to Action mode.

Puzzle mode is quite different from Action and Puzzle modes. In Puzzle,
no new coins appear once a level begins. Instead, your task is to remove
as many coins as possible from the screen, causing the moneybags to drop
off the bottom.

There are 2 major rule differences in Puzzle mode:
* You can click on groups of 2 or more coins, instead of 3 or more, to
collect them.
* To grab a moneybag, you need to drop it to the very bottom of the screen, instead of just removing the coin directly beneath it.

As in the other modes, you need to collect a certain number of moneybags
to advance to the next level. You have to be careful here, though, and
make sure you remove coins in such a way that you form new blocks of coins you can remove. Remember that columns of coins will move together if there's a blank space between them.
When there are no more possible moves, because there are no groups of 2 or more adjoining coins, the game will end.