Digital Tutors: Mastering Maya Render Nodes

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Digital Tutors: Mastering Maya Render Nodes

Digital Tutors: Mastering Maya Render Nodes
Software: Maya 6 or higher | Run Time:2 hrs. 19 min.,| 1 disc | 195 Mb

Enhance the visual quality of your work with over 2 hours of project-driven training. Ideal for beginner to intermediate users.

Popular highlights include:
Maya Utility Nodes
Sampler Information
Condition Nodes
Interactive Shading Networks
Distance-driven Shading Networks
Advanced Color Correction
Hypershade Nodes
Switch Nodes
Render Nodes Overview

\"Mastering Maya Render Nodes\" guides you step-by-step through Maya\'s Render Nodes and provides you with innovative project-driven exercises designed to save you time and frustration throughout your workflow. Interactive lessons include: a thorough breakdown of all of Maya\'s Utility Nodes, using Sampler Info and Condition Nodes to create Interactive shading networks, Light Info and Distance Between Nodes to create distance-driving shading networks, incorporating Maya\'s Color Utility Nodes to perform advanced color-correction operations on textures, integrating Hypershade Nodes to automatically add animation to objects, and utilizing Switch Nodes to minimize render time in Maya.

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