TakeType Font Collections 1-5

Posted By: LazyVampire
TakeType Font Collections 1-5

824 Truetype and Opentype Fonts | 25,39 MB

Just the fonts. All PDF files etc have been removed to slimline the file. This collection consists of 1 thru 5 but I am uncertain of the authenticity of V1 as it seems to contain fonts found in other versions but I have added it anyway. The TakeType collections contain typefaces chosen from the entries to Linotypeґs contests and display a number of different styles and moods. Text, Display, Fun and Symbol fonts, the TakeType Library contains fresh, new, experimental, freaky and above all contemporary fonts.

Please grab these quick if you want them its very common for anything from this foundry to get deleted quickly. Anyone who wants just one of these collections can PM me for individual links.