Architects Of Existence - Architects of Existence (2017)

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Architects Of Existence - Architects of Existence (2017)

Architects Of Existence - Architects of Existence (2017)
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Genre: Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Carpe Sonum Records

Mick Chillage, the hardest working man in (ambient) show business, has joined forces with Eric “the” Taylor to make our daily lives go down just a bit sweeter. They’ve coined themselves the Architects of Existence, and, yes, it’s a weighty moniker, but listening to these four epic-lengths pieces of broadband drift you’re happy that the dynamic duo’s at least got lofty ambitions. It’s pleasing to know that between them they’ve cooked up one helluva work of sonic fiction here. Grandiose, epoch-spanning, this is the stuff that dreams are made of. Chillage and Taylor are two of electronica’s Nobel laureates, so that even the luxurious gyrating buzz of their metallic sequencers make nice on the inner ear while their synths gently weep. And hats off to the artists for wearing their analog hearts on their sleeves-the second movements’ slow-twist discourse is equal parts Steve Roach and mentor Namlook, along with a hint of Mark Isham’s score from The Hitcher-emotional environmental music of pearlescent luster and quiet reckoning, drawn with careful poise and an Architect’s touch.
01. Part 1
02. Part 2
03. Part 3
04. Part 4

Total time: 01:15:21

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