Daal - Navels Falling into a Living Origami (2018)

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Daal - Navels Falling into a Living Origami (2018)

Daal - Navels Falling into a Living Origami (2018)
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After 4 years of silence, the dynamic duo of Davide Guidoni and Alfio Costa , known as Daal have reappeared with a couple of albums, "Decalogue of Darkness" and the "Navels Falling into a Living Origami", two more monuments of modern progressive experimentation that stretches the sonic boundaries once again.
"Navels Falling into a Living Origami" contains only one singular piece of music (49:27) in which the duo is accompanied by a bunch of guest musicians adding guitars, oud, bass, violin, and even a vocal section in the final minutes of the composition.
This one is really hard to describe. It's sort of a free flowing journey through a multitude of styles and moods. While it starts out as an ominous electronic maelstrom of sound it quickly shape shifts into Pink Floydian inspired space rock and pleasant classically inspired soundscapes that rely less on the rock universe and more on the progressive electronic styled motifs that wouldn't sound out of place on a Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze album. However, despite the obvious influences that Daal always incorporates into their far reaching musical approach, this one meanderings idiosyncratically in a seemingly random fashion through different arenas which spend a while playing out and then moving on to something even more dynamic without missing a beat. Examples include times such as beautiful classical piano runs suddenly burst into heavy rock oriented grooves with bombastic percussion only to cede into an almost lullaby inspired lushness accompanied by a thunderstorm.

01. Navels Falling into a Living Origami

Total time: 49:27

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Daal / Navels Falling into a Living Origami

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01 98,1 [476BC15C] [05D75E71] CRC32

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