Emerson Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition (1971)

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Emerson Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition (1971)

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition (1971)
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Pictures at an Exhibition is a live album by the English progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released in November 1971 on Island Records. It is a recording of the band's arrangement of Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky, performed at Newcastle City Hall on 26 March 1971. Emerson wished to arrange the piece after seeing an orchestral performance of it several years before. He bought a copy of the score, and pitched the idea to Lake and Palmer, who agreed to adapt it. Pictures at an Exhibition went to number 2 on the UK Albums Chart and number 10 on the US Billboard 200.
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One of the seminal documents of the progressive rock era, a record that made its way into the collections of millions of high-school kids who never heard of Modest Mussorgsky and knew nothing of Russia's Nationalist "Five." It does some violence to Mussorgsky, but Pictures at an Exhibition is also the most energetic and well-realized live release in Emerson, Lake & Palmer's catalog, and it makes a fairly compelling case for adapting classical pieces in this way. At the time, it introduced "classical rock" to millions of listeners, including the classical community, most of whose members regarded this record as something akin to an armed assault. The early-'70s live sound is a little crude by today's standards, but the tightness of the playing (Carl Palmer is especially good) makes up for any sonic inadequacies. Keith Emerson is the dominant musical personality here, but Greg Lake and Palmer get the spotlight enough to prevent it from being a pure keyboard showcase.
~ Bruce Eder, All Music


Emerson Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition (1971)

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition (1971)

Track List:

01. Promenade
/ The Gnome
/ Promenade
/ The Sage
/ The Old Castle
/ Blues Variation
/ Promenade
/ The Hut Of Baba Yaga
/ The Curse Of Baba Yaga
/ The Hut Of Baba Yaga
/ The Great Gates Of Kiev
/ The End-Nutrocker [0:37:46.07]

This CD version contains the whole album on one single track.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Pictures at an exhibition

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Emerson Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition (1971)

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