Øresund Space Collective - Different Creatures (2015)

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Øresund Space Collective - Different Creatures (2015)

Oresund Space Collective - Different Creatures (2015)
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Genre: Psychedelic/Space Rock | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Space Rock Productions

This marks the 20th Øresund Space Collective release. The music was recorded by a very special group of musicians from Sweden and Norway (plus Dr Space-Denmark) at the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen. The members are from a wide variety of bands including Tangle Edge, Agusa, Camper von Beethoven, My brother the Wind, and Ex-Siena Root. The mixture of pedal steel, sitar, violin, mandolin, and theremin, presents a new and exciting sound and energy ranging from high energy space rock like Ride to Valhalla to very laid back country space blues with Jam for Jerry G and Indian space trance of the Digestive Raga. They created an unknown tribute to the Welsh band, Man, on the track, Man from Wales. There were some interesting sound experiments included as well to bridge the sides. Finally, the massive 45min, 20 steps towards the invisible Door.
01. The Ride to Valhalla
02. Juggle the Juice
03. Digestive Raga
04. The MAN from Wales
05. Bon Voyage
06. Raga for Jerry G
07. 20 Steps towards the invisible Door

Total time: 02:02:22

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