Steve Roach - Spiral Revelation (2016)

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Steve Roach - Spiral Revelation (2016)

Steve Roach - Spiral Revelation (2016)
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Genre: Electronic, Berlin School | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Projekt

The sound of life, interconnected and unfurling… The spiral, a visual symbol of eternity, is a reoccurring metaphoric theme in Steve Roach's pioneering electronic work. Interpreted into musical form, these six spiraling sonic experiences offer a living activation that connects with a sense of the infinite. Roach's long history and love of analog sequencer-based styles reveal a continuing, evolving awakening within Spiral Revelation's 63 minutes. Using only analog and hardware instruments to focus the mind's ear upon a filigree of intricate patterns woven with a direct hands-on approach, the artist sculpts and caresses sound into being in real time. An emotional through-line brings life to these pieces as the unfurling of time's windings connects to the vivid present and illuminates with anticipation a life-affirming future. A masterful expression of an artist who has infused his soul into the art form of electronic music.
01. We Continue
02. Unseen Hand
03. Finger on the Pulse
04. A Righteous Thing
05. Primary Phase
06. Spiral Revelation

Total time: 01:03:02

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