Frank Zappa - Broadway The Hard Way (1988)

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Frank Zappa - Broadway The Hard Way (1988)

Frank Zappa - Broadway The Hard Way (1988)
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Rykodisc / (Frank Zappa, October 1988)

This earned FZ's 7th and final Grammy nomination (for Best Musical Cast Album). Mostly premiere recordings peppered with political commentary. This was the first of a few collections from the epic 1988 tour, and the CD is nearly twice as long as the original album version. Track highlights: "Promiscuous," 'Elvis Has Just Left The Building" and "Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk" – plus a "Republican medley" including "Dickie's Such an Asshole" and "When the Lie's So Big," plus a few jabs at one Democrat (Jesse Jackson on "Rhymin' Man") for good measure. Guest appearance by Sting on a live version of the Police B-side "Murder By Numbers" (In response to PMRC allegations that this song was written by Satan, Sting is heard to note that "I wrote the fuckin' song!"). ©Ryko

1. Elvis Has Just Left The Building 2:24
2. Planet Of The Baritone Women 2:48
3. Any Kind Of Pain 5:42
4. Dickie's Such An Asshole 5:45
5. When The Lie's So Big 3:38
6. Rhymin' Man 3:50
7. Promiscuous 2:02
8. The Untouchables (Riddle/FZ) 2:26
9. Why Don't You Like Me? 2:57
10. Bacon Fat (Williams/Brown/FZ) 1:29
11. Stolen Moments (Nelson) 2:58
12. Murder By Numbers (Sting/Summers) 5:37
13. Jezebel Boy 2:27
14. Outside Now 7:49
15. Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel 6:40
16. What Kind Of Girl? 3:16
17. Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk 9:16