Kinga Głyk - Feelings (2019)

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Kinga Głyk - Feelings (2019)

Kinga Głyk - Feelings (2019)
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Jazz Fusion, Jazz-Funk | Label: Warner Music

"I can not sing that well, that's why I play bass," says Kinga Glyk. That sounds almost suspiciously modest given the hype that has been inflicted on them for a good two years. And yet, the bassist from Poland expresses exactly what her new album »Feelings« is about with this concise phrase.

With unique craftsmanship and nonchalance, she lets her bass tell stories. Sensitive and penetrating, rich in nuances and groove-strong at the same time, she sets emotions in scene. They immediately connect to Kinga Glyk's listening, create their own stories and reflect the personality of the young woman with the giant talent. There you have the courage to try yourself, to dare something new - to be happy despite all the rules.

"As a kid, I was interested in the bass because it gave me an unusually powerful voice that I did not have at that time," Kinga reflects her beginnings as an instrumentalist. "Meanwhile, his sounds have long since become my actual language, in which I can express my feelings much more intensively." However! It is not in their bass playing to the higher-fast-Next. Kinga Glyk does not play music for musicians, but for the many tens of thousands of souls she touched with her storytelling on the bass during her young career. In her stories she reveals her extremely humanistic, loving and compassionate worldview. It's human, in short, in the twelve tracks of their new album. And that makes "Feelings" especially valuable.

Her most personal work to date is when Kinga Glyk reflects on the work on »Feelings«. A look at the authors list of the new tracks also reveals why: seven pieces are exclusively from her pen, two others she wrote together with her pianist and producer Pawel Tomaszewski. "In contrast to my last album> Dream <, my band and I did not just improvise in the studio," says Kinga, describing the genesis of "Feelings". "Before we started recording, I worked out my compositions in more detail."
1. Let's Play Some Funky Groove (02:51)
2. Lennie's Pennies (06:28)
3. Joy Joy (feat. Brett Williams) (03:58)
4. Intro to What Is Life (01:06)
5. What Is Life (04:21)
6. Mercy (feat. Brett Williams) (03:21)
7. OverDrive (03:44)
8. Ballada (feat. Brett Williams) (03:12)
9. Low Blow (04:10)
10. Classic (feat. Bobby Sparks II) (04:09)
11. 5 Cookies (feat. Anomalie) (03:22)
12. Enu Maseti (feat. Mateus Asato & Ruth Waldron) (02:49)




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