Øresund Space Collective - Oily Echoes of the Soul (2022)

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Øresund Space Collective - Oily Echoes of the Soul (2022)

Øresund Space Collective - Oily Echoes of the Soul (2022)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 596 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 266 Mb | 01:54:29
Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock | Label: Space Rock Productions

This is the bands 27th (?) studio album release and 38th physical release. The material on this record was recorded in October 2010 on the 2nd day of recording and featured a lot of different musicians from Days 1 and 3. Some of the material from this session was previously released on a bandcamp subscriber LP. The main track on that album, Crusin´with the Alien Crew, appears as a bonus track on the CD version as well as one additional bonus track not on the LP (*). Some of the tracks have been edited for the vinyl edition which will come out later in the year. A lot of the material has a funky nature but it is a very diverse album with a nice chill out sitar number, a uptempo country track and a lot of space rock!!!
1. Bump and Grind OSC Style (31:29)
2. Peace of Mynd (13:27)
3. Oily Echoes of the Soul (23:52)
4. Look to the Sky, People (25:39)
5. Deep Breath for the EARTH (Bonus Track) (15:51)
6. Shit Kickin' (04:10)




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