Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam [2006] REPOST NEW LINKS!

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Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam [2006] REPOST NEW LINKS!

Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam
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This album is a fittingly dark portrait of the dark time that surrounds us. Pearl Jam have captured the essence of their day's society in a way few artists have in the past…only the most thoughtful geniuses have walked the path to relevance with such success.

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'…There's nothing cryptic about the politics of ``Worldwide Suicide,'' a song that recently reached No. 1 on the modern-rock charts and became the band's first bona fide radio hit in years.

``Suicide'' is a screed against warmongering politicians that ``tell you to pray/while the devil's on their shoulder.'' And it may well be the most brilliant protest song of this young millennium.

A mother struggles with what to tell her son in the event his father dies at war on ``Army Reserve.'' ``She tells herself/and everyone else/father is risking his life for our freedoms,'' Vedder sings. ``Unemployable'' examines today's economic realities, using the effective image of the protagonist's dented ``Jesus saves'' ring, the result of punching his locker after learning he's been laid off.
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam [2006] REPOST NEW LINKS!

Vedder explores what it means to live a meaningful life in ``Life Wasted'' and ``Inside Job.'' He brings us a message of hope here, in contrast to the nihilistic undertones of previous offerings such as ``Can't Keep'' and ``Last Exit.''

The themes aren't entirely weighty, though. The disc's hardest rocking number, ``Big Wave,'' captures the visceral thrill of surfing. The protagonist in ``Severed Hand'' appears to be going on a drug-fueled bender. And ``Come Back,'' another album standout, is a slow-burning soul number, in which Vedder begs his lost love to come back.

But mostly, ``Pearl Jam'' succeeds because of the band's back-to-basics approach to rock. The band discards the arty detours and momentum-killing melancholy of ``Riot Act,'' and Mike McCready and Stone Gossard assert themselves as two of the great underrated guitarists of our times.

It's the band's most focused album since ``Ten.'' And with Pearl Jam's return to prominence, we're reminded that – despite all the vacuous pap dominating MTV – a band can be immensely successful and still have something to say.'
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam [2006] REPOST NEW LINKS!

<span style="color:#ffff00"><b>Tracklist</b></span>

Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam [2006] REPOST NEW LINKS!
01. Life Wasted 3:54
02. World Wide Suicide 3:29
03. Comatose 2:19
04. Severed Hand 4:30
05. Marker In The Sand 4:23
06. Parachutes 3:36
07. Unemployable 3:04
08. Big Wave 2:58
09. Gone 4:09
10. Wasted Reprise 0:53
11. Army Reserve 3:45
12. Come Back 5:29
13. Inside Job 7:08
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam [2006] REPOST NEW LINKS!

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Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam [2006] REPOST NEW LINKS!

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