Stephan Micus - Winter's End (2021)

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Stephan Micus - Winter's End (2021)

Stephan Micus - Winter's End (2021)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 189 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 109 Mb | 00:47:11
Ethnic Fusion, New Age, Jazz | Label: ECM Records

Stephan Micus is a one-man universe of sound. He collects and studies instruments from around the world and creates his own musical journeys with them. This is his 24th solo album for ECM created in his studio with many recordings and overdubs. The twelve tracks on Winter’s End feature two new instruments, the chikulo from Mozambique and a Central African-style tongue drum. In addition there’s kalimba (thumb piano), sinding (Gambian harp), Egyptian nay flute, Japanese nohkan flute, Balinese suling flute, bowed sattar from Xinjiang, Tibetan cymbals, Peruvian charango and a 12-string guitar. Most of these have never sounded together before.
1. Autumn Hymn (04:05)
2. Walking In Snow (04:04)
3. The Longing Of The Migrant Birds (06:00)
4. Baobab Dance (03:08)
5. Southern Stars (04:44)
6. Black Mother (04:07)
7. A New Light (03:28)
8. Companions (02:08)
9. Oh Chikulo (02:45)
10. Sun Dance (05:16)
11. Walking In Sand (02:47)
12. Winter Hymn (04:34)




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