Tony Allen - There Is No End (2021)

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Tony Allen - There Is No End (2021)

Tony Allen - There Is No End (2021)
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Rap, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat | Label: Decca Records

The Afrobeat legend Tony Allen died in the spring of 2020 at the age of 79. The year prior, the iconic drummer wrote and produced all of the beats for a newly announced album: There Is No End is out on April 30, the anniversary of Allen’s death, via Blue Note. There Is No End was produced by Allen, Vincent Taeger, and Vincent Taurelle. The 14-track LP features guest vocals from Danny Brown, Sampa the Great, Lava La Rue, and more. Today, Blue Note has released lead single “Cosmosis” (featuring Skepta and Ben Okiri), which is co-produced by Allen, Damon Albarn, and Remi Kabaka.

On the intro to Tony Allen's posthumous There Is No End, we hear the voice of the iconic Nigerian-born, Paris-based drummer himself, explaining this album’s very title. Quite literally, he says “there is no end” to the hypnotic loop of a distinctive drum groove called Afrobeat, which Allen created and implemented as a cofounder of Fela Kuti’s groundbreaking band Africa 70. On a more spiritual note, there is no end to the creative legacy of a figure like Allen, despite his death in 2020 at 79. With Afrobeat’s supple accents and subdivisions, its calm yet inescapable funk, Allen impacted groove-based music in a league comparable to fellow drummers Bernard Purdie and Clyde Stubblefield.

In his post-Fela years, Allen struck up collaborations with the likes of Blur’s and Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn, who coproduced “Cosmosis” here (featuring Nigerian British rapper Skepta and Nigerian poet and novelist Ben Okri). Allen also signed with Blue Note and released The Source in 2017, favoring a more acoustic sound with brass and saxophones. There Is No End, by contrast, places Allen in more of a hip-hop context, collaborating with younger rappers and singers. Allen completed the backbone of the project in 2019, but it was up to producers Vincent Taeger and Vincent Taurelle to finish it with Allen’s blessing after his death. Allen’s airborne beats hold it all together, and the rappers feed off of his drive and syncopation with riveting results—especially the female guests on “Stumbling Down” (Zambian-born Sampa the Great), “Mau Mau” (Kenyan-born Nah Eeto), and “One Inna Million” (West London underground phenom LAVA LA RUE). Detroit’s Danny Brown takes a ferocious turn on “Deer in Headlights,” its grungy, stripped-down feel highlighting Allen’s trademark groove with exceptional clarity.
1. Tony’s Praeludium (00:28)
2. Stumbling Down (feat. Sampa the Great) (02:31)
3. Crushed Grapes (feat. Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon) (03:17)
4. Très magnifique (feat. Tsunami) (03:23)
5. Mau Mau (feat. Nah Eeto) (03:09)
6. Coonta Kinte (feat. Zelooperz) (03:08)
7. Rich Black (feat. KoreaTown Oddity) (04:19)
8. One Inna Million (feat. Lava La Rue) (03:20)
9. Gang On Holiday (Em I Go We?) [feat. Jeremiah Jae] (03:04)
10. Deer In Headlights (feat. Danny Brown) (04:03)
11. Hurt Your Soul (feat. Nate Bone) (02:59)
12. My Own (feat. Marlowe) (03:46)
13. Cosmosis (feat. Ben Okri & Skepta) (04:44)
14. There’s No End (00:26)




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