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«TRIFLES: Little things affect little minds.» (Benjamin Desraeli)

Fellatio vol 61 | Quality: JPEG | Res: 1024x667 | Images: 554 | 111.1 MB


The Best of FELLATIO vol 61

Fellatio.vol.061.Andrea.1. 70-Images (13.54MB)..Andrea
Fellatio.vol.061.Marina.1. 100-Images (14.24MB)..Marina
Fellatio.vol.061.Sarah.1. 148-Images (29.74MB)..Sarah
Fellatio.vol.061.Shelbi.1. 82-Images (14.23MB)..Shelbi
Fellatio.vol.061.Szilvia.1. 80-Images (15.88MB)..Szilvia
Fellatio.vol.061.Svitlana.1. 74-Images (17.09MB)..Svitlana
...All tested (every archive contains a 5% recovery record)

Some of you Would like to keep This Collection well organized, for You I'm publishing the FRONT COVERS
PS: Includes Front covers for Fellatio vol.61 & vol.62

NOTE: It has come to my attention than no one has complain the way is being posted (single archives for each girl)... You see I figured that not all of us have the same taste, some like Brunettes, others Blondes and so on; therefore in appreciation of this nature I concluded that is Best if you have choices (like choosing only the ones you like the most). in any case You are very welcome to express your POINT Of VIEW.

Coming soon... Beautiful JAPAN