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Deep Throat (film)
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"Deep Throat is a U.S. pornographic movie released in the summer of 1972, written and directed by Gerard Damiano and starring Linda Lovelace (aka Linda Susan Boreman, which was what she preferred to be called). It was shown in many mainstream movie theatres and is likely the most successful and influential pornographic film of all time.

Description and plot

A sexually frustrated woman (Linda 'Lovelace' "playing herself") asks her friend Helen (played by Dolly Sharp) for advice; after a sex party did not provide any help, Helen recommends that Linda visit a doctor (played by Harry Reems). The doctor notices that Linda's clitoris is located in her throat; she then goes on to work as a therapist for the doctor and performs a particular technique of oral sex—thereafter known as "deep throat"—on various men, until she finds the one to marry. Meanwhile, the doctor has sex with his blonde nurse (played by Carol Connors). The movie ends with the line "The End. And Deep Throat to you all."

The movie, 61 minutes long, is intended to be funny with highly corny dialogues and songs, fireworks going off and bells ringing during orgasm.

The various explicit scenes of oral, anal and vaginal sex acts led to an X rating by the MPAA film rating system."