Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler MD--The Art of Happiness

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If this book can enlighten you, go buy the book or go to the local Buddhist temple to donate charity fund or post something useful here...:)

In "The Art of Happiness", the Dalai Lama makes the serene principles of Buddhism accessible to the masses. The tome's simple principle -- that one can actually train the mind to be happy -- seems to be striking a chord with frazzled readers everywhere.
-- Publishers Weekly

The discussion is surprisingly light on citations of Buddhist doctrine, relying mainly on the Dalai Lama's profound good sense and compassion, and Dr. Cutler's experience with patients and friends, so the advice here is highly accessible even to those with little or no familiarity with Buddhism. A smart, kind, hopeful book.
-- Yoga Journal

Over and over again, Cutler poses complicated psychological inquiries only to have the Dalai Lama offer responses that reach far beyond the parameters of the self. There really is such a thing as an art of happiness, and this is one of the best how-to books a reader will ever find.

The Dalai Lama refreshingly claims no unusual spiritual powers. He identifies himself as an ordinary man, prone to the same troubles as the rest of us, but one ho has learned something about conquering the impulses that make us unhappy.
--New York Times

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--Time (Global Business Supplement)