Information on "Muska.and.Lipman.Mastering.Digital.SLR.Photography.eBook-YYePG"

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Due to absolutely valid critique concerning my publication of Muska.and.Lipman.Mastering.Digital.SLR.Photography.eBook-YYePG
I did some extensive search on the subject. Here are the results:
First of all my publication REALLY includes the older version, which is called Mastering.Digital.Photography.
I felt really upset and looked around P2P, FTP dumps and forums for this book. Unexpectedly the download link appeared on one of Iranian forums. But my happiness ended, when I found that internal RAR archives were broken. Since external ones (ZIP) were OK, I think YYePG group might have released a broken version of this release. RAR files did not contain any recovery record, repairing them did not give any results. The fact that release was broken can also be found on ru-board forum (post by Ahamemnon).
Just in case anyone would like to apply magic to that broken release, here is the rapidshare link. I deliberately post it publicly because it is a VERY anticipated ebook, and whoever can get it here will IMHO be highly praised by all of the blog visitors. Hopefully we will not have to wait until the new version of the book for YYePG to pay attention and release it again ;-).