3rd planit

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3rd planit

3rd planit ver. 7.09.002
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Model Railroading Tool

Track Planning Features

Draw track easily and intuitively using conventional Press-and-Move drawing or the AutoCAD Click-Move-Click style. Auto snap to endpoints during draw and move operations. Track objects are automatically aligned when moved to one another.

Simple and effective pan-and-zoom allows navigation of the largest layouts. Use multiple open documents to quickly cut, paste and copy from drawing to drawing. Click for animation (524K)

Automatic Rails and Ties. Track is drawn as lines at low magnification. As you zoom in, rails and ties appear in their correct proportions for your choice of prototype gauge.

Automatic alignment™ ensures all track is properly aligned. Simply move objects in Track Layers to one another - the target object highlights and the moving object is aligned when the mouse button is released. Objects automatically snap to endpoints in Track Layers.

Automatic connections™ trim circles, lines and spirals in one easy step. Create easements in the same connection step, if you prefer. Two mouse clicks connect any two track objects, automatically trimming them and adding easements if you choose.

Tilt-up construction™… design buildings wall by wall in two dimensions, align the corners, and tilt each wall into place with a single command.

Smart Turnouts™ accept precise specifications of popular turnouts or hand-laid turnouts and accurately represent the turnout in the drawing. Instantly create crossovers, yards, and a variety of custom trackwork.

Reference Points™ allow you to register the position of several tape measures in the layout area and directly read the distances to important locations, in three dimensions, for all Reference Points.

Nested groups with in-place editing. Double-click a group to edit its contents; double-click embedded groups to successively edit all embedded groups, adding or removing objects freely.

View and rotate your drawing in 3D in real time. Nearer objects draw over farther objects for visual realism. OpenGL provides professional-quality results in 3D.

Elevation Markers™ can be placed at any location on track objects. They are instantly updated to the current elevation of the chosen point, optionally including the distance from the floor to "zero railhead".

Many color options: color by layer, color by object type, monochrome and native object colors. Assign each line a different color if you wish for realistic locomotives, cars, trees, landscape, and buildings.

Work in any measurement system (American or metric). Display American units in decimal feet, feet and decimal inches, fractional inches, or feet, inches and fractions. Switch between metric and American units freely! Enter any value in either system at any time, regardless of current display preference. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding European and Z-Scale designers.


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