Aquafadas KidsMotion 1.1.0

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Aquafadas KidsMotion 1.1.0

Aquafadas KidsMotion 1.1.0 | MacOSX | 154.8 MB

KidsMotion is an innovative video software for kids who love to create and share animations. Using photos, music and videos in just a few clicks, they can become video creators. Birthdays, holidays, school presentations… all major events can be narrated with KidsMotion. Using a wide range of themes, users can transport their presentations into different worlds. KidsMotion is the latest solution to easily share stories on facebook, Youtube, by email, or converting videos for Quicktime.

Creativity is for kids
KidsMotion allows children to easily create animations based on themes by using their photos, videos and music.

With KidsMotion your child will be able to create animated presentations in just a few clicks. Their photos will be presented in different worlds… pulled by flying insects, carried by hot air balloons above Paris and many other topics.

Kids also love to tell stories
KidsMotion offers an intuitive interface which helps kids to create amazing videos quickly and add a touch of fun to their presentations.

Using images, videos and music every kid can become a video creator.

KidsMotion allows children to tell stories with their own photos and videos for birthdays, holidays, school presentations etc… They can also customize the sound environment by adding their own music.

A wide range of themes are available with various options for customization. KidsMotion offers many themes for even more creativity.

Just three steps to amaze your friends and family:
- choose a theme,
- add your media (images, videos, music),
- share it with your friends and family.

KidsMotion is a new way for kids to enjoy and share their special events.

Stories can be shared
It takes only two clicks to share their creation with friends and family. Using the Export menu it's possible to share all the creations on facebook, Youtube, by email, iPhone, iPad or simply by creating a video readable with Quicktime.

You will be impressed by your childs imagination and creativity.

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