Graham Process Mapping Professional 7.10.0517

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Graham Process Mapping Professional 7.10.0517

Graham Process Mapping Professional 7.10.0517 | 19.34 Mb

Graham Process Mapping Software is an affordable process mapping tool that makes it easy for you to understand, improve and manage business processes. You will prepare process maps that tell a story - Maps that tell the reader WHAT is going on; WHAT items are used, WHO is doing the work, WHERE the work is being done and HOW LONG it takes. No other type of process flowchart supports decision-making, analysis, training and procedure writing as effectively as a Graham Process Map.

The structured, fundamental approach of the Graham Process Mapping method helps you prepare process maps quickly and consistently. A library of Graham Process Maps provides a solid foundation for continuous process simplification.

Don't settle for abstract, high-level flowcharting methods intended for system development (methods that discount the work that people do!). Demand the number one tool for business process analysis and continuous improvement – Graham Process Mapping Software.

We all want quick answers, but it will take a little time to fully understand just how powerful Graham Process Maps are. Please read through the 7 keys to understanding business processes and the benefits of Graham Process Mapping. We think you'll be convinced.